X-RAY systems

X-RAY Systems

Consistent with our commitment to guaranteeing the quality of production, Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. collaborates with Thermo Scientific for X-RAY systems also. The industrial contaminants detectors with the X- RAY technology control the product and packaging fully. Every application’s needs can be met with these solutions.

The X-RAY series is distinguished for its high sensitivity, as it is based on an innovative detection system. This allows 100% successful detection of “blind spots”. The high reliability of these machines is complemented by the safety they provide and the ease of handling. X-RAY systems carry multi-level security codes and have an easy-to-use menu to respond to every need.

Indicative products

NextGuard™ X-Ray Detection Systems

NextGuard™ X-Ray Detection Systems

The Thermo Scientific™ NextGuard™ X-ray detection system detects both metallic and non-metallic foreign objects in products.