Metal detectors

Metal detectors

Having the protection of the product as our main target, Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. offers customized metal detecting systems.

Detection of natural contaminants such as metal, glass, stone or plastic is a particularly detailed process, especially when the particle is not visible. In collaboration with Thermo Scientific, Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. presents the APEX series, with available models for every application. Our accurate and reliable metal detectors provide the highest sensitivity, so that almost any metal can be detected in the production of packaged food.

Given the customization option, metal detectors provide both reliable and cost-effective protection from all types of metals. They are distinguished for the ease of handling due to the user-friendly menu and zero maintenance requirements. Because of their advanced software, these metal detectors have a high sensitivity and their key feature is the function of automatic certification checks. At the same time, the communication option integrates the Modbus protocol, offering full remote monitoring and control.

Indicative products

Ανιχνευτές Μετάλλων (Metal detectors)

APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector


With the cost-effective Thermo Scientific ™ APEX 100 Entry Level metal detector, it is ensured that the final products are fully protected from common metallic contaminants found in food production.
APEX 300 metal detector

APEX 300 Flexible Metal Detector

The Thermo Scientific ™ APEX 300 metal detector is compact and flexible. Designed with increased sensitivity, the APEX 300 metal detector is easy to install, can be customized to fit any drop through, pipeline and check weighing needs.

APEX 500 High Performance Metal Detector

APEX 500 High Performance Metal Detector

The Thermo Scientific ™ APEX 500 metal detector is the high-performance solution to reduce costly waste caused by false rejections.
Combination Checkweigher και Metal Detector

Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector

The Thermo Scientific™ Combination Weigh Checkweigher and Metal Detector system combines the superior quality of the Thermo Scientific™ VersaWeigh Checkweigher with the high sensitivity of the Thermo Scientific™ APEX metal detector.