PALOMAT® Greenline
Pallet Handling Machine

With the PALOMAT® Greenline pallet handling machine you can stack and destack individual pallets using only electricity. At the same time, the Greenline machine can handle up to 15 pallets at temperatures up to -25oC.

This machine can be placed wherever an AC 230V outlet is available, making it more efficient and flexible to handle pallets even if their flow needs to be changed. All pallets are handled at the floor level and the pallets can be stacked or removed using a hand pallet truck, electric stacker or a full-size forklift truck.

The Greenline machine detects the pallets via photo sensors, after which they are fully automatic stacked or destacked one by one. When you select destacking, a stack of 15 to 25 pallets is inserted into the machine, and then the pallets are automatically removed one by one. When selecting stacking, the pallets are inserted one by one and fully automatic placed on a stack of 15 – 25 pallets. The entire stack can then be removed.

The PALOMAT® Greenline pallet handling machine operates manually with a touch panel when there is to be a change between stacking and destacking or vice versa. Furthermore, it also operates fully automatic, and can be customized to exactly the pallet size you use.


• Capacity: 25 pallets or 700 kg
• Pallets Dimensions: 1200x800x150mm
• Space saving and a tidy workplace
• Optimized pallet flow
• Improved work environment
• Reduced pallet costs
• Increased efficiency
• No manual pallet handling
• Reduced time spent per pallet
• Leaner – increased efficiency with less resources
• “Plug and Play” solution

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