Carton Sealer APFX FC500

The carton sealer APFX FC500 is a semiautomatic folding machine. With the carton sealer APFX FC500, the operator selects an unformed preformed carton from the pallet, then opens it and places it in the special slot.

At the final stage, the carton is sealed with adhesive tape on top and on bottom.


  • Supply of compressed air: 4/6 bar
  • Compressed air consumption: 250 lt / carton. (work cycle)
  • Carton dimensions:

Minimum: W= 150 mm, L= 200 mm, H= 120 mm

Max: W= 500 mm, L= 600 mm, H= 500 mm

  • Working height: 550/800 mm (adjustable)
  • Rated Productivity: 300 – 600 cartons / hour (Depending on the operator and carton dimensions)

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