Case Sealers

Case Sealers

Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. supplies the Greek market with case sealers, suitable for every carton box size. These machines are automatic and semi-automatic industrial case sealers systems with plastic adhesive tape, with models for every application need.

They stand out for the accuracy with which they operate, while they can simultaneously seal both the top and the bottom of carton boxes.

Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. designs custom applications, where the movement is adjusted with specially shaped side belts.

Indicative products

Carton Sealer APFX FA500

Carton Sealer

The carton sealer APFX FA500 ensures the correct sealing of the cartons in different sizes.

Carton Sealer APFX FB500

Carton Sealer

The carton sealer APFX FB500 uses self-adhesive tape and ensures the correct sealing of cartons in different sizes.

Carton Sealer APFX FC500

Carton Sealer

The carton sealer APFX FC500 is a semiautomatic folding machine.

Carton Sealer SC1 500M

Carton Sealer
SC1 500M

The semi-automatic carton sealer SC1 500M by the Italian firm Filma has two taping heads, resulting in the simultaneous sealing of the top and bottom flaps of the carton.

Carton Sealers GEM 520 & GEM 670

Carton Sealers
GEM 520 & GEM 670

The carton sealers GEM 520 & GEM 670 semiautomatic machines with adhesive tape, by the Italian company Comarme, are able to process cartons of length and height of 520mm and 670mm, respectively.