Mobile Thermal Transfer Printers

Mobile Thermal Transfer Printers

Mobile thermal transfer printers use wireless technology or USB to synchronize and store jobs before printing. Then they can print either remotely or in motion. The transfer flexibility of these printers can increase the performance of a production.

They can also print a wide variety of labels. Their main advantage is their operation in any outdoor or indoor environment. Mobile thermal transfer printers can connect to laptops, tablets or smartphones via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

Indicative products

Mobile Printer Alpha – 3R

Alpha – 3R

The mobile thermal transfer printer Alpha -3R by TSC is a comfortable, light-weight printer capable of working with any mobile printing application.

Portable Alpha-4L Printer

Alpha – 4L

The portable Alpha-4L Thermal Transfer Printer by TSC is designed for the tough life of the road, warehouse or retail location.