Novexx ALX73x series

The Novexx ALX 73x series is designed to meet the current high-speed Print & Apply requirements in the marketplace. With apply speed of up to 50 meter per minute, the ALX 73x series is significantly efficient and support the needs for fast, reliable and accurate product identification.

Among the features of the ALX 73x series is the capability to cover print widths up to 152mm without losing print quality at high application speed. The large label rolls combined with the 1000 meter ribbon rolls make the Novexx ALX 73x series one extremely efficient solution.


  • Large label and ribbon rolls
  • Modular parts for fast maintenance
  • Combination of fast printing and applying with speeds of up to 833mm/sec
  • Options for three different print widths: 106mm (ALX 734), 127mm (ALX 735) and 160mm (ALX 736)

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