Novexx Solutions Print & Apply Systems

Novexx ALX 92x and ALX73x series

Novexx Solutions Print & Apply Systems

The Novexx Solutions Print & Apply Systems are reliable and modern systems designed for industrial environments. They meet the needs of high and low production volumes, 24/7 operation hours and any label position.

The models of the ALX 924x and ALX 73x series comply with the current high standards for product labeling and identification, along with the supply chain and logistics requirements. Combined with the Trace-it® data management software, the excellent control of print content and proper application are assured.


The wide range of standard applicators by Novexx Solutions guarantees the precise application of labels to any specific position in products, cases or pallets. The applicators can easily be connected to ALX Print & Apply systems.

Indicative products

Novexx ALX 92x series

Novexx ALX 92x series

The Novexx ALX 92x series is suitable for any Print & Apply applications’ need, achieving high performance in any environment.

Novexx ALX73x series

Novexx ALX73x series

The Novexx ALX 73x series are designed to meet the current high-speed Print & Apply requirements in the marketplace.

LA-BO - Gentle Blow-On applicator

LA-BO – Gentle Blow - On applicator

LA-TO / LA-TO XL - Touch-on applicator

LA-TO / LA-TO XL – Touch – on applicator

LA-SO – Flexible Swing - On Applicator

LA-SO – Flexible Swing-On Applicator