Videojet® DataFlex® 6530 & 6330
Thermal Transfer Printers

Videojet® DataFlex® 6530 & 6330 thermal transfer printers are the new generation of DataFlex® series. The two models 6330 and 6530 offer maximum advantage over their running time, given their features. The built-in iAssureTM technology assures the quality of coding, automatically identifying print defects in real time.

The way iAssureTM technology works is based on the image capture, analysis and comparison. In real time, iAssureTM algorithms automatically check the printed image compared to the intended image. Any differences between those two images are evaluated, so as to detect possible defects which could lead to poor print quality, before the printer notifies for any errors. In this case, the printer triggers a fault that either interrupts the line or sends the product into a rejection or inspection area. The intelligent quality assurance of coding provided by iAssureTM technology can reduce both processing time and waste, and also detect significant recurring printing errors.

Videojet® DataFlex® 6530 & 6330

The DataFlex® 6330 is a medium-speed thermal transfer overprinter, which improves uptime, while reducing time spent on quality checks, waste and rework.

On the other hand, the DataFlex® 6530 is a high-speed thermal transfer overprinter that shares the capabilities of 6330 and offers print speeds of up to 1000mm/s.


  • iAssureTM technology automatically detects common printing errors, reducing unnecessary waste or reworked product, and additional manpower time to correct the error
  • CLARiTY™ software helps ensure that the correct code is continuously printed on the right product
  • With Intelligent Motion™ technology there is no need for compressed air, so both cost and downtime are reduced. This maximizes the print quality and the printhead life as well
  • Special design for simple and fast ribbon changeovers, along with high ribbon capacity
  • Designed to withstand tough production line environments and to fit on almost all production lines

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