Videojet® Dataflex 6320
Thermal Transfer Overprinter

The Videojet® DataFlex 6320 Thermal Transfer Overprinter is available in two print widths, 32mm and 53mm. This provides the best combination of printhead and ribbon width, which makes Videojet® DataFlex 6320 Thermal Transfer Overprinter the most efficient solution for the requirements of every application.

The Videojet® DataFlex 6320 is ideal for installation in a Flowpack type of machine or in a vertical form fill and seal packaging machine, with print speeds up to 250 packs per minute.


  • The maximum print width (53mm) for applications with smaller code requirements, better utilizes ink ribbon and reduces the unit cost
  • Operation as standalone printer with color touch screen for simple use
  • CLARiTY™ 8.4-inch color touch screen, allowing quick and easy adjustment of operation, with fewer errors
  • Integration with PLCs or other factory management systems for centralized print control, eliminating errors
  • A single DataFlex 6320 can control and coordinate printing on up to four printers using the Master / Follower functionality
  • Advanced coder software, which virtually eliminates code set-up errors
  • CLARiSOFT® code design software prevents incorrect printed dates, missed codes, and costly production rework

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