Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Thermal Transfer Overprinters are the right solution for printing with high clarity, speed and reliability. Utilizing Thermal Transfer technology, high-resolution images can be printed. These Thermal Transfer Overprinters are designed for codes requiring high resolution, such as barcodes or 2D codes, in flexible membranes and packaging labels.

The Videojet® DataFlex® Thermal Transfer Printer series is optimized to meet the needs of each application. The key features of the series include reducing downtime and costs associated with ribbon replenishment and production changeovers.

At the same time, the long ribbon lengths, fast print speeds, error prevention capabilities and user-friendly operation can be considered as the class leading benefits of the series.

Indicative products

Videojet® Dataflex 6320

Videojet® Dataflex 6320 Thermal Transfer Overprinters

The Videojet® DataFlex 6320 Thermal Transfer Overprinter is available in two print widths, 32mm and 53mm.

Videojet® DataFlex 6420

Videojet® DataFlex 6420 Thermal Transfer Overprinter

The Videojet® DataFlex 6420 Thermal Transfer Overprinter provides high-speed printing for flexible packaging applications.

6230 Thermal Transfer Printer

Videojet® 6230 Thermal Transfer Printer

Videojet® thermal transfer printer 6230 is a low-speed printer that utilizes the latest technology.

Videojet® DataFlex® 6530 & 6330

Videojet® DataFlex® 6530 & 6330 Thermal Transfer Printers

Videojet 6330 and 6530 thermal transfer printers are the new generation of DataFlex® series.