Videojet® 3340 Laser Marking System

The Videojet® 3340 Laser Marking System offers a powerful combination of performance and flexibility, delivering high-quality coding on moderate to high-speed production lines.

This model has no restrictions regarding font selection, codes or graphics. Thus, the Videojet® 3340 Laser Marking System is the ideal solution for marking complex codes in the food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and tobacco industries.


  • Laser tube, designed with larger volume of gas, has optimized the air-cooling function to provide extended laser source life expectancy up to 45,000 hours
  • The optional IP65 makes the printer suitable for harsh environments without the need for plant air
  • The CLARiTY™ Laser Controller reduces operator errors by helping to correctly encode the products. At the same time, advanced productivity tools identify the main cause of downtime during operation and make improvements in the process
  • Highly focused resolution laser beams achieve better performance than other laser solutions without requiring higher power
  • High speed communication and buffering of variable data, offering improved character formation, resulting in crisp, legible codes

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