Videojet 1280 Inkjet Printer

Videojet 1280 Inkjet printer is a value for money printer, that delivers maximum functionality and excellent print quality, even if left unused for days, without requiring any additional intervention from the operator.

The main features of this printer, reliability and simple use, are enhanced by its ability to offer flexibility during operation, wherever intermitted printer utilization is required.

Videojet Dynamic CalibrationTM reduces the unexpected shutdowns of the production line due to the environmental conditions in which the printer is operating.

With Positive Air option, Videojet 1280 Inkjet Printer can operate smoothly in harsh dust and moisture environments without the need for plant air.


  • Videojet Dynamic CalibrationTM: the tool that constantly monitors environmental conditions and automatically adjusts the parameters, to maintain the highest print quality and maximize uptime
  • Videojet SIMPLICiTYTM interface: 8-inch tablet touch screen, which helps the user in the operation of the printer, eliminating possible errors that he can make
  • Built-in “How to” videos that help self-guide through basic tasks
  • Utilizing network technology, Videojet Connect Remote Service offers remote access to the printer at any time either by the operator or by our specialized technicians.
  • No mess, no waste, no mistake Videojet Smart Cartridge™

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