Pascal Packaging Systems

Pascal Packaging Systems
Over 40 years of experience

The Company

For over 40 years, Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. is specialized in the services and product equipment for the manufacturing and packaging industry. Since 1978, we have been providing and developing complete solutions and systems, which guarantee a high value to the final product. The constant development of Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. allows us to respond to the demands of the Greek Industry with absolute success. Our credibility and effectiveness are the key to maintain long-term partnerships with leading companies from the following industries:

Food | Pharmaceuticals – Cosmetics | Tobacco industry | Graphic arts

Aiming to the best and most efficient service for our customers, our company has a well-organized network of sales and technical support. Headquartered in Athens, with presence in Thessaloniki and Crete, as well as with the developed network of associates and resellers, we can cover every region of Greece.

Pascal Packaging Systems
Pascal Packaging Systems
Our Services & Products

Pascal Packaging Systems S.A., as a strategic partner of the largest industries in Greece, designs and develops solutions that effectively contribute to the success of quality and quantitative production targets and quality, safety and hygiene regulations.

The services and products offered by Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. include:

Pascal Packaging Systems
Our Values

The growth and the ongoing progress of Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. is based on our commitment to credibility at every level of our collaborations. Thus, after the necessary analysis of each client’s needs, we design and offer the most suitable solution. The customer-centric philosophy of our company makes us a valuable partner, as our support continues after the sale. At the same time, upgrading our services and our products is a key value for our further development. In this context and trusting our experience after years, we continue to respond to the most demanding applications with complete success.

Pascal Packaging Systems
Our Story

The Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. story begins in 1924, under the name Pascal Strouza, and the main field of action was the Greek pharmaceutical industry. In 1968, the company expanded into Pharmaceutical Production and Packaging Equipment and continued in the food and chemical sectors, as well as in other industrial products fields. The ongoing growth of the company led to the establishment of Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. as part of the Pascal Strouza structure in 1978, remaining to date a member of the Pascal Strouza Group of Companies. During the 1980s, the strong evolution of the Greek Industry was a key factor in separating the activities of the two companies. This has led to the development and specialization of Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. in the field of industrial marking and packaging.

Pascal Packaging Systems
Our Structure

Today, Pascal Packaging Systems S.A. is a member of the Pascal Strouza Group of Companies, with a total turnover of more than 10,000,000 euros, 65 employees and 3.500 square meters of privately-owned facilities.
The following departments operate in our company, for the best commercial and technical support of our associates

• Promotion and Sales Department for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical Production and Packaging Industries
• Department of Promotion and Sales for Industries – Manufacturers of Food and Beverage Production and Packaging
• Internal technical department
• Branch in Thessaloniki and Crete (technical department and sales department)
• Authorized resellers network in many cities in Greece with collaborating trained technicians

Pascal Packaging Systems
Our Vision

Until today, we have managed to meet every challenge we have encountered. Our pursuit of continuous improvement lies at the heart of Pascal Packaging Systems S.A.. Our goal is to develop the integrated industrial equipment solutions that we offer, so as to support our partners in the long run. In this context, we have a solid presence in sectoral exhibitions, while our education is equally sustained in cooperation with the firms we represent in the Greek market. Through our fourth generation of management, our priority is to continue to be the strategic partner for the Greek Industry.